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Hi! My name is Joe, welcome to Turtle Forex! I have been trading retail forex for over 10 years, as an avid hobbiest. Over many years of observing the forex markets I have developed a set of trading methods that I believe will yeild consistant, predictable results over time.

Using a combination of custom and classic indicators and fundamental analysis, along with sound risk management I have developed a trading method that provides the "edge" needed to trade consistantly and profitably.

I offer two signals to suit your investment needs, The Turtle Forex Aggressvie Growth Signal, best suited for smaller acounts and uses a unique method to build wealth quickly while still putting capital preservation as top priority and the Turtle Forex Conservative Growth Signal, which is ideally suited for investors with accounts over $25,000 that seek slow, steady growth with minimal draw downs and low risk per trade.

I also periodically do live screen casts of my trading sessions in the Turtle Forex Live Trading Room as well as webinars for the weeks trading plan. Follow me on Twitter for up to date info on the Live Trading Room schedule.

Happy Trading!



New, Donation Based Signal!
The Turtle Forex Aggressive Growth Signal is a new service I will begin offering December 1, 2013. The goal of this signal is to double a $300.00 account over the course of 6 months and if successful "reset" the account and begin the process again. Instead of offering the signal as a monthly subscription, I am choosing to use a donation based fee structure. I will ask for donations as I reach milestones of 50% and 100% account growth. How much you donate is entirely up to you and no donation is required to follow the signal!
Subscribe for $75.00/month
The Turtle Forex Conservative Growth Signal began trading on July 18, 2013. This signal is for investors that seek slow, steady growth with minimal drawdown. To date the signal has a maximum drawdown of just over 4% and has never risked over 1.7% on any single trade or basket of trades. Entries are triggerd using the Turtle Forex Strenth Meter on 4HR and 15MIN time frames as well as the Turtle Forex Dynamic ATR indicator. Trade targets and exits are based on support/resistance levels and Fibonocci retracements/expansionns.

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